Using StrengthsFinder as Your Business Secret Weapon

#16: Using StrengthsFinder as Your Business Secret Weapon with Chelsea Giedd

16: Using StrengthsFinder as Your Business Secret Weapon with Chelsea Giedd

I am so excited today to welcome my friend, Chelsea Giedd, onto Take it Personally. Chelsea Giedd is the owner of Chelsea’s Boutique in downtown Sioux Falls, a women’s boutique that focuses on the empowerment of women. With over 10 years experience of owning and operating this business, Chelsea decided to launch a new venture in 2019: Business on Purpose, which is a business & life coaching company, a podcast & blog platform, and digital courses curated to help women entrepreneurs take control of their business instead of their business controlling them. She is also a certified StrengthsFinder Coach who is passionate about this personality assessment and the way it dramatically changed her life, and she loves sharing her story to inspire others! 

I actually just wrapped up some amazing coaching with Chelsea that has already been so helpful in my own business! I got to be on the client side and talk all about people, hiring, and getting people in the right seats in your business – all the things she is so knowledgeable about. Chelsea’s coaching helped me get things in place that I haven’t had in place before, embarrassingly enough. She helped me really dive in and define my mission statement and core values, along with using the results of my StrengthsFinder test to reflect within my business and the things I do (or the things I should delegate to a team member).

Chelsea knows how to run a business so well and uses the StrengthsFinder within it as a secret weapon. She’s sharing all about that in today’s episode. 

Here’s a preview of what Chelsea and I talk about in this episode:

  • How Chelsea got out of a work rut using the StrengthsFinder assessment and why she loves this test so much
  • Using StrengthsFinder in business to help hire the right people and for current staff to make sure their strengths and tasks are aligning.
  • How StrengthsFinder allows for connection and understanding people on a deeper level, and can be used in many different businesses and atmospheres
  • Why you need to reevaluate your to do list to make sure the tasks on it align with your strengths
  • How delegating tasks in your business to other team members with those strengths allows you more time to do the things that set you on fire, rather than drain you. 
  • The digital course Chelsea is launching in March 2020, all about helping women entrepreneurs hire the right people for their small business.

Here are a few highlights from the episode:

[11:18] Chelsea uses StrengthsFinder in business to help hire the right people. She asks people their top 5 strengths on applications to see if they will fit the role they are hiring for.

[16:22] When we align our to-do lists with our strengths, we are much more productive and our energy isn’t drained because we are loving what we are doing.

[19:10] Don’t spend your time doing tasks that you aren’t great at or hate doing. It may be hard to give up control and hand it off to a team member/outsource it, but in the end, you will be saving time and money.

Thank you to Chelsea for sharing on today’s episode! You can find more from her on her website, She is also on Facebook and Instagram @underneaththeclothes and @business.on.purpose. Chelsea also has a freebie she would love to offer you called 10 Tips for 10 Years in Business.

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