If I Had to Start My Business Over, Here’s What I’d Do

#17: If I had to start my business over, here’s what I’d do

17: If I had to start my business over, here’s what I’d do

I’ve been doing a lot of coaching calls lately with women who are in the very beginning of their business journey, and I’ve found that a lot of the questions that come up over and over are the same. They usually have something to do with getting your business known and getting more clients. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how I started, and if I had to go back and start over, what – if anything – I’d do differently.

I’m one of those people that tries to live without regrets. I mean, I’m sure if I thought really hard there are things that I would have done differently, but for the most part, I look at my life and think how happy I am where I am, and how everything I’ve done up until now has led me here; so my choices must have been good for something, right?

Here’s a peek into some of the things I would do differently if I were starting my business over that I discuss in this episode:

  • One of the biggest things that set my business up for success is that I grew slow – I worked my business while also working a day job for six years. I respected the concept of time.
  • Why I would focus on pricing and money much sooner if I were to start my business over again.
  • I would spend less time trying to think of a creative business name and simply brand it after myself from the start.
  • How gaining confidence and just being myself has allowed for me to offer a better client experience.
  • I spent a lot of money that I didn’t need to. Free social media marketing and my client experience is so much more valuable than fancy ad campaigns and media buys.
  • The final thing I would do differently if I were starting over is that I would stop waiting to be invited.

Here’s a breakdown of this episode:

[3:36] I wish I would have understood sooner that what I was really selling was myself: my personality, my experience, how I made people feel.

[7:30] I have so much more success now focusing on the things that I know really matter, and that’s free social media marketing and my client experience. It doesn’t cost a thing, and it has led to so many amazing partnerships and opportunities.

[8:05] It took me years to learn that if I wanted a seat at the table, all I had to do was ask. The worst thing that can happen is they say no, but at that point, at least your foot is in the door.

I hope you enjoyed this episode, and I would love to hear the things you have learned over the years of running a business or would change, even if you are just starting out. My Take it Personally Facebook group is the perfect place to discuss this and brainstorm with other entrepreneurs. Click here to join!

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