How to Price Your Side Hustle (And What You Might Be Doing Wrong)

Take it Personally Podcast - How to Price your Side Hustle

#15: How To Price Your Side Hustle (And What You Might Be Doing Wrong)

15: How To Price Your Side Hustle (And What You Might Be Doing Wrong)

If you’ve been following my business for a while, you may know that I only went full time as a business owner about two years ago. Before that, I had a couple different jobs in marketing, all the while growing my business, getting married, and having babies.

Even though my business was a “side hustle,” I still priced it as if it was providing my full time income. Because when it came time for me to decide if I wanted to pursue my business full time, it was incredibly reassuring knowing my business could pay my salary.

I have been really protective of my time from day one, and I want you to be too and price your business accordingly. That’s what this episode is diving in to. Here’s a recap of what I talk about:

  • The biggest mistake I think a side hustler can make is not charging enough. Side hustle time is even more valuable.
  • Your time is worth way more than you are charging, even if you don’t NEED that money. You don’t need to feel guilty charging your side hustle what you would “if you were full time.”
  • You should always charge what you need to charge to make a full time income. Then, if you ever want make the leap to full time, you don’t need to worry about the finance piece.
  • Side hustle pricing exercise to help you figure out how much you need to make every month to provide for yourself/your family and how much you need to work in your business to reach that.
  • Killer brands aren’t built overnight, but making these changes will be totally worth it.

Here’s a few highlights from the episode:

[4:52] Operate with the mindset that as a side hustle, your time is even MORE valuable.

[7:08] Pricing exercise step by step.

[12:34] Don’t undersell yourself. If someone doesn’t want to pay your prices, let them be on their way.

If this episode has made your head spin, that is totally ok. Just recognizing that what you’re currently doing isn’t sustainable and understanding that it’s time to make a change, is a huge part of the process. But I promise you, making these changes now will result in so many fewer headaches down the road, especially if and when you decide to have your side hustle be your only income. Sure, there is totally a time and place to just JUMP and do the thing, but I definitely appreciated having a runway.

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  1. I commend you for your thoughtfulness, Maddie. Having a business takes too much effort and patience. And yes, don’t undersell yourself. Side hustle can be full time if well-handled. Keep writing!

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