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Some links above are affiliate links, which means if you use them I will receive a small commission. I only recommend programs I love. Thank you for the support!

"How do you make those social media videos with the cute captions!?" Descript. This is the app I get the most questions about right now, and I will gladly sing it's praises. Descript is a game changer for anyone who edits a lot of video. It uses AI to turn the text editor into a video editor - mind blown! 

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I know I'm not alone that my least favorite part of being a photographer is culling. Enter, AfterShoot. AfterShoot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to cull sessions for you, while you grab a cup of coffee, make a sandwich, or do literally anything else. This app has saved me so much time!

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I switched to Showit when I realized my website platform didn't have the capabilities I needed, and I've never looked back. Showit is so customizable, and with the drag and drop design I can create just about anything my heart desires. It's the best in the industry for a reason!

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I added email to my marketing stack a few years ago when I found Flodesk. Before this program, I avoided email like the plague. Flodesk is beautiful and makes it fun (I said it!) to send emails. It's so user friendly, and a great way to stay in touch with potential clients while not fighting the algorithm.

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I've used a lot of different image gallery delivery softwares, and CloudSpot reigns supreme. I love the look of the platform and how easy it is to use. It's super simple to upsell sessions (great for minis), and I love the app feature that allows me to create apps for my brand clients for easy downloading. 

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Back before I could hire an assistant in my business, Dubsado was my assistant. It's a client relationship manager (CRM) and it handles my invoicing, contracts, client communication, automations, and some basic revenue tracking. There's no way I could run my business without this software. 

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Run your business without being protected by a rock-solid contract? Wouldn't dream of it. The Legal Paige contracts ensure that you can launch, grow, and scale your brand photography business without worrying about what-ifs.

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