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Hey! I’m Maddie, and I’m obsessed with

Grow a successful business that fits into your life and fills you with joy.

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From side-hustle to six figures (and every goal in between).

A vault of images plus a digital strategy to make sharing a breeze.

Brand Photography

Build client relationships and show up with confidence.

"Maddie is absolutely AMAZING! She provides an amazing experience for her clients from first contact to finish. We had so much fun during the shoot. Plus, I'm so in love with my branding photos. They have really up-leveled my brand."

Lindsey Alexandra, Wealth and Money Trauma Coach

“I got a ton of photos, and I feel so confident in my branding materials! My brand photography session has saved me so.much.time when I share on social media, and I see a spike in my engagement whenever I use Maddie’s content!” 

Cassie Beech, Made with Grace and Grit

“I needed professional photos and headshots and was interested in something other than the typical. I met Maddie for the first time when she did my photos and it felt like we had been friends forever. More than delivering brand photos, she goes above and beyond in making sure you feel amazing during your session and throughout the entire process.” 

Kobi Ringling, Kobi Lee Beauty

“Since using my branding photos from Maddie, I’ve landed proposals and been able to tell more of my brand story through beautiful visuals. I feel like I can now confidently showcase my work in print and media. Throughout the entire princess, I knew Maddie was on my team to make sure these photos made my business more successful.” 

Dakotah Jordan, Dakotah Yoga

Create brand loyalty.

Desktop version also available.

Applied right from your phone with one click. (Seriously! It’s so easy.)

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Introducing... The mobile preset collection.

Photos so lit, no one will believe you just snapped them on your phone.

The one thing that can turn followers into Taylor-Swift-just-dropped-a-new-album level excited fans? That would be you!

Your process. Your experience. Your knowledge. Your Magic.

That’s what building your brand is all about! Discovering your one-of-a-kind gifts and sharing those with the people who need what only you have to offer.

Hi! I’m Maddie. If I’m giving you my elevator pitch, I’d tell you I’m a brand photographer and educator for creative women. But if you want the girls-night-out over wine version of the story:

I’m a photographer who went from busting her butt working nights and weekends to running a six-figure business that allows me all the time I need to have mid-day dance parties in the kitchen with my kids or kick back on the couch and watch The Office with my husband. Curious how I did it? (And how you can too?)

What’s the one thing no one in your industry can compete with?

Psst..Hey! There’s something you should know.

A sixteen-week group coaching experience for photographers who desire to offer brand photography so they can scale their income, work betters hours, and run a business that feels like them. 

Pivot to personal branding

Ever wish someone could take all those ideas running through your mind and help you turn them into a revenue-generating plan? 

We can totally do that in an hour!

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build an authentic personal brand

Helping Creative Women Build Magical Brands.


Why I walked away from my biggest client


EverythinG I did before I quit my Job


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A podcast about the personal side of business.

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A place for Sioux Falls area photographers and creatives to design, dream, collaborate, and bring their brands to life

White Space Studio

6 tips for Killer photoshoot outfits

15 ways to use personal brand photography

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Binge-worthy blog posts

Looking for free content on business, marketing, and building your personal brand?

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That’s what I’m here for!

why cold messaging is never the answer

15 ways to use personal brand photography

What Should You Post On Instagram?

Binge-worthy blog posts

Looking for free content on business, marketing, and building your personal brand?

Photos so lit no one will believed you snapped them on your phone. Shop the mobile presets.

A space for photographers and creatives to host, workshop, or rent! Book your session today.

A podcast about the personal
side of business. Charge your airpods, this is gonna be good. Listen now!



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