The One Thing You Need Before Your Next Launch

#54: The One Thing You Need Before Your Next Launch

I have been approaching sales a bit differently in my business for the past year and a half. I used to rely really heavily on social media for sales and overall recognition. I still love social media, but I have been relying more on email marketing!

I have been approaching sales a bit differently in my business for the past year and a half. I used to rely really heavily on social media for sales and overall recognition. I still love social media, but I have been relying more on email marketing!

I have been pleasantly surprised at the results that I’ve had and the increase in sales I’ve made by focusing on email marketing, both for products and in-person services. One of the changes that I’ve implemented more recently that has been a game changer in my launch is what I want to share with you today.

I gave waitlist launching a go with my Content Toolkit product (it’s basically the ‘what’ when it comes to “what do I post on social media?”). I launched this product on Black Friday, and I launched it to a waitlist. It did really well and sold primarily to those on the waitlist.

In episode #50, I shared about launching to my waitlist for my brand mini sessions that led to a $5,000 successful day. I think a lot of that success came from waitlist launching, but you can listen to it here because there were other factors that also went into it.

All that to say, waitlist launching has been really helpful within my business! I know you might be thinking, “Ugh, I don’t want to do more with email.” But please keep listening because I believe that waitlists are really a great way to get started with email that can actually be simpler and less overwhelming than creating a freebie or funnels.

So let’s talk about it! Why waitlist launch at all? How will it help your business? How do you go about it? Here are the main things I discussed in this episode:

  • Taking pressure off of selling on social media
  • Gauging your audience’s interest before you start launching
  • What it means when someone is signing up for your waitlist
  • What to do if sign ups for your waitlist are slow
  • My favorite email platform
  • Why people are more likely to buy via email rather than social media
  • Creating landing pages and segmenting
  • Utilizing Instagram story links to get people on your list
  • Quality over quantity
  • Giving your waitlist first access
  • How this can build your confidence
  • Offering a discount to the waitlist

A few highlights from this episode:

[3:13] – It takes the pressure off of selling on social media. It’s given me more freedom to just be on Instagram, use Instagram to educate, to connect, to kind of show the more personal side of my personal brand. 

[4:41] – This is a really great way to sort of gauge that audience interest before you put the time and effort into creating something.

[6:15] – People are more likely to buy via email as opposed to social media. When we’re in a social media app, specifically Instagram, we are staying there. And Instagram wants us to stay there.

[14:30] – If you’ve been wanting to get more into email and you’re curious what that could do for your business, consider launching with some waitlist to see if that can help you build your email list and also increase your sales without having to do a whole lot of extra work.

If you are ready to grow your email list or preparing to launch, I encourage you to experiment with waitlists! I’ve seen a lot of great results from this method within my own business and think it can provide great results for you too.

I mentioned my favorite email marketing platform within the episode – Flodesk! You can get started with Flodesk and get 50% off your subscription here.

If you are curious to learn more about using email within your business, check out this episode of Take It Personally: Episode #44: Everything You Need to Know About Starting an Email List with Jenny Roth

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