365 days of content focused on the know, like, trust principle to turn social media follows into raving fans and paying customers.

KNow social media can be a powerful way to attract dream clients, but you have no idea where to start

Have trouble with posting consistency, or knowing what to post at all

know content creation is important for your social strategy, but don't know where to find the time to do it

Want to start bringing yourself into your business, but you're scared, or don't know where to start

Are a creative business owner with a million things to do and hats to wear

If you...

Then this is for you.

If you would love 365+ days of a plug-and-play content strategy at your finger tips,

Finally understand how to use hashtags to amplify your message and connect with clients who are searching for exactly what you have to offer.

Hashtag Guide

Mix and match Canva templates to match your brand aesthetic, educate your followers, and announce sales and promotions on both traditional posts as well as Instagram stories. 


One year of thought provoking prompts with specific post ideas, ranging from Reels to Carousels to basic image posts, to help you create whatever type of content you prefer.


Take the content you’ve already created and repurpose it to reach even more people. This is where you officially disembark from the content creation hamster wheel.

recycling Guide

Click the video to take a look inside the toolkit and see what you'll be getting.

Need an example?
I got you.

I'm Maddie Peschong,  a brand photographer and strategist, and the host of Take It Personally Podcast. I help women build amazing personal brands so they can attract dream clients.

A couple years ago I quit my day job and took my dream of business ownership full time. Since then I've tripled my income, expanded my revenue streams, sold out my first workshop, launched a podcast, grown my following, and partnered with big and small brands. 

A huge part of why I'm able to do what I do is from the brand I've built on–you guessed it–Instagram. I'm dying to share how it can help shape your business, too.

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