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Social media manager is just another job on the growing list of all the hats you wear, and frankly, you're exhausted every time Instagram launches something new (Reels, amiright!?)

You know you need to be 'showing up' on social media in order to grow your business... but you have no idea what to say.

let me guess...

Want to gain followers who actually care about you and your business

Have trouble with posting consistency, or knowing what to post at all

Are stretched to the max wearing every hat in your business, and don't have extra time to create social media posts

Want to start bringing yourself into your business, but you're scared, or don't know where to start

Are overwhelmed by Instagram and find it draining instead of fun

Hey! This you??

Once per quarter, you'll be able to join me for a members-only live workshop where we'll dive into the topics covered over the last couple months.


You'll get access to a private Facebook community that you and other InstaBranding Insiders will use to ask questions, brainstorm, offer advice, and network.


Actionable lessons straight to your inbox. We'll cover things like how to take better photos using your phone, using Instagram features (like Reels) and so much more!


You'll receive a monthly content calendar that includes holidays, current events, and social media holidays so you can stay on top of online conversation.


Your monthly membership of only $39 includes...

Design graphics

Canva templates

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Insiders only opens for enrollment twice a year, and that time is NOW. You can join today for just $39/month, and get access to all the content that's been published since December 2020. That's six months of Instagram content ideas, tips and tricks, delivered to you as soon as you sign up.

Ready to get your life back?

I'm Maddie Peschong, and I'll be your Insider. I'm a branding photographer and strategist, and the host of Take It Personally Podcast. I help women build amazing personal brands so they can attract dream clients.

A couple years ago I quit my day job and took my dream of business ownership full time. Since then I've doubled my income, expanded my revenue streams, sold out my first workshop, launched a podcast, grown my following, and partnered with big and small brands. 

A huge part of why I'm able to do what I do is from the brand I've built on–you guessed it–Instagram. I'm dying to share how it can help shape your business, too.

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