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Best Locations for Your Brand Photo Shoot

While the most important thing about your personal branding photo shoot may not be the locations (it’s you!), a few good locations can help your photos really stand out. Not to mention, having a good variety of spots for your session can make your content last longer, and work harder. With any business investment, that’s definitely a win!

Your Home

It’s probably where you spend most of your time, so it totally makes sense to do some of your photo shoot at your own home! However, this option doesn’t make sense for everyone. If you’re debating if this is a good fit for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the idea of having your photo shoot at your home make you excited, or stressed? If you’re too stressed about doing a ton of cleaning, or doing a total remodel before you’d let a photographer in the doors, this may not be a good option for you. That’s ok!
  • Does your home have a lot of natural light? If your home is darker that’s not to say it can’t still work, but you’ll need to adjust your expectations if you’re expecting light and bright images.

Coffee Shop

This is one of my favorite locations because I love coffee. I’ll happily pick up a latte after we shoot! In all seriousness though, if java is how you get through the day, or you have a favorite spot where you’re frequently pulling up a chair to get work done, let’s showcase it during your brand shoot.

Your office/work space

Whether your office is in a room in your home, at a coworking space, or something else, we definitely want to showcase where the magic happens.


I love using Airbnbs for branding shoots. It’s so fun to work with my clients to find a space that works specifically for their brand. Would you choose something funky and colorful? Or calm and serene?

Pro tip: Airbnb hosts will often offer slightly cheaper rates if you are needing a place for just a few hours during the week, and you won’t be using the beds (less laundry!). I often reach out to hosts before booking to see if we’re able to work something out. And I always make sure to mention them on social media to hopefully get them a few more bookings, too.

Wine Bar

Another favorite of mine. Often wine bars offer fantastic moody vibes, which can be a fun departure from the rest of the session. If wine is your jam, this could be a great option.


Certainly if your photographer has a studio, it’s a great idea for a branding photo shoot. Often at a studio you’re able to make it whatever you want, whether that’s a faux office, bedroom, or living room. Plus you get the benefit of great light and a clean, bright space.

Show Rooms

Furniture show rooms can be a great option for brand photography. I favor spots with good natural light, and love looking for show rooms that best fit the particular client that I’m shooting.

Retail Stores

Similar to show rooms, retail stores can be a great option for a more home-y vibe with a more upscale touch. I’ve also used retail stores for behind-the-scenes photos for my client (like showing my interior designer client shopping at a furniture store, or a client who flips houses browsing through Home Depot).

Co-working Space

I’ve never met a coworking space that wasn’t super aestethicgally pleasing, which makes it a great candidate for a personal branding photo shoot. This is a great place to get some “at work” photos at a desk, comfy chair or couch.


The simplest idea for your session? Somewhere outdoors! The light will likely be perfect, and you’re free to roam. This is a great option if you need to highlight a particular season. No easier way to do that than when you’re standing outside!

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