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What Should You Post on Instagram?

I’m a huge fan of Instagram not just as a fun place to hang out on the Internet, but also as a big driver of new clients and partnerships in my business. But I know that for many, social media can be a huge stressor.

It can be tough to know what you should be posting on Instagram, and pretty soon it’s not an enjoyable place at all.

Oftentimes we are so close to our businesses that it feels impossible to come up with quality content. We make it so much more difficult than it needs to be! Here are a few post ideas you can use right now to start creating quality content on the Gram.

Introduce Yourself

I’m a believer that when someone lands on your Instagram, they should be able to tell who it belongs to. If you haven’t shared a photo of yourself in a while, do it! A good rule of thumb is to have a photo of yourself every 9 squares or so.

Introduce yourself (or re-introduce yourself) to your audience by jumping on a hashtag like #FridayIntroductions, or doing something simple like posting five things about yourself, a favorite hobby, or a recent story.

Share Your Philosophy

What is the foundation of your business? Do you offer headshots with a fun twist (no boring backdrops here!)? Is your senior model program the best around? Do you sell incredible albums because you believe everyone should print their photos?

There are likely principles that have built your business, and affect how you serve your clients. Working those principles and beliefs into your content on a regular basis gives potential clients clients an idea of how you work, and what’s important to you. And if it’s something that’s important to them, too … well, that’s a match made in heaven!

Share Your Work

If your business is visual or has a visual element, this is perfect for you! Don’t forget to share the actual stuff you’re working on. Whether it’s a photo you took, an invite suite you designed, a website you created, whatever–share your work! If you offer more of a service, think about sharing a photo of you at work–whether it’s behind the scenes or with a client/customer.

Educate Your Audience

This is my favorite thing to share! Educating your audience is a fantastic way to establish yourself as an expert, as well as build trust with your audience. It also creates a ton of value for your audience! I love to use IG to educate and give information away for free because it makes me feel so much more aligned when I do have something to sell.

Stumped on what you can teach about? Think through the questions people ask you. What’s on your FAQ page? What DMs and emails do you get? Or, what questions do you wish your clients would ask that would make them your dream clients? Answer those! You can use a static post, a video, Reel, IGTV, graphic … whatever floats your boat!

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