Embracing the Seasons of Life and Business

#30: Embracing the Seasons of Life and Business

Well hello. It’s been a while. I’m popping in today to give you an update on my hiatus-turned-super-long-hiatus, and talking about what 2020 and my third pregnancy taught me about life and business. I missed you! Join the Facebook group here and let’s continue the discussion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/takeitpersonally

Hi, friends! It’s been a while since we’ve chatted. I wasn’t expecting to jump back into recording an episode today–you know when you put something off for an incredible amount of time, you can kind of trick yourself into thinking “well now it’s been too long, now it’s not even worth it”…that’s where I was at.

Obviously 2020 was a wild year for everyone. Life looked different than expected, and being home with my kids was amazing and crazy at the same time. I am so thankful for my work and the flexibility that allowed my kids and I to spend time hunkered down together. But my work time also looked a lot different (and a lot less productive). A new member of our family also joined us mid 2020, so life was hectic, and I’m sure you felt that too.

All of this led to a hiatus of the podcast for a while. BUT I am back and am so excited to start sharing content with you all again. I can’t promise that I’ll be here every week, but I definitely am striving to be here monthly. I’m working to balance life and work and family and all the things – which is exactly what I want to talk with you about today! Here’s a peek into the episode:

  • What 2020 looked like for us (I was pregnant and am not really the stay-at-home-mom type…but it wasn’t all bad!)
  • Expectations vs reality
  • Being hard on ourselves
  • Showing up before it’s perfect
  • Discovering there’s a season for everything
  • Take it Personally going forward
  • Leaning into slow seasons, creativity boosts, motherhood (or anything else going on in your life)

A few highlights from this episode:

[12:48] – One of the biggest things 2020 taught me is that there is a season for everything.

[17:10] – Perfectionism is not required to show up and make changes and start creating the best life that you want to create.

I’m sure 2020 was not what you were expecting. But I hope going forward into 2021 that you lean into the season you are in – whether that be that you are ready to take big steps in your business or embrace the messiness at home or anything in between.

Some of the best conversations happen after the show in my private Facebook group, Take It Personally Podcast. Click here to join in!

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