June 10-14

Make Your First $500 as a Brand Photographer

For portrait and wedding photographers who want to work fewer hours and make four figures per session by adding brand photography to their offerings.

In just five days, you'll learn how to price, market, and book your first brand photography sessions - not to mention deliver a referral-worthy client experience.

Mini Course Outline

DAILY topics

Day one

How to not lose, upset, or confuse your portrait and wedding photography clients when you start talking about brand photography in your marketing. 

Day two

How to price your brand photography sessions, and how much you can really earn as a brand photographer. We’re breaking down the actual numbers today!

Day three

How to build your brand photography portfolio and book your first sessions. Hint: It’s not by working for free, or posting and praying a client finds you on Instagram.

Day four

How to market your brand photography sessions, especially if you don’t want to change your vibe to one that’s all business and marketing talk. 

Day Five

How to take the best parts of your current client experience and infuse those same special touches into your branding sessions. Plus the ONE thing you REALLY need as a brand photographer.

For photographers who want to start offering brand photography OR have already started offering it, but want to make more, work less, and have better systems in place so they can be THEE brand photographer in their area.


We'll meet on Zoom for about 30 minutes each day. Calls will be short and sweet, but the value will be high. You'll receive replays shortly after the call (and maybe a few bonuses, too).


June 10-14, 2024.
Live calls will happen at 10:30AM CST over these five days and last about 30 minutes. Replays will be available after. Don't wait; save your seat now and mark your calendar!


The deets

I'm Maddie Peschong, a brand photographer and coach, and the host of Take It Personally Podcast. I help women build amazing personal brands so they can attract dream clients.

I've built a multi-six-figure business by positioning myself as a high-end brand photographer. I've reclaimed my nights and weekends, gotten firm on boundaries, expanded my revenue streams, sold out workshops and partnered with big and small brands.

I am obsessed with the freedom building a personal brand photography business has given me, and I'm dying to share how personal branding can help shape your business, too.

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