Why I Was Afraid to Launch My Membership Program

I was afraid to launch my new membership InstaBranding Insiders. As this program began to take shape I had so many thoughts creep into my mind that I should just scrap it all and forget it.

You see, I’m constantly telling my clients (and tbh anyone on Instagram who will listen…) that the knowledge inside their brains isn’t an accident or coincidence. The stuff you know, and the things you get fired up about, that is your magic. And it’s meant to be shared.

But it’s so easy to forget that.

It’s so easy to take our magic for granted because we are so close to it. Because surely no one else will really care how we meal plan for our family of seven. No one gives a damn about how to pick out the perfect outfits for family photos. No one will find value in all the things we know about woodworking.



Just because it’s second nature to us, doesn’t mean someone else won’t find the information life changing. Just because someone else has said it before doesn’t mean that the way YOU say it and explain it won’t be exactly what someone needs to hear.

Already, Insiders members are DM’ing me the ways that this membership has changed their Instagram strategy. These people are sharing their magic!

And the thought that they might still be staying silent if I would have let my ego tell me to scrap this membership altogether? All because I didn’t think it was “good enough”?!

We’ve got to stop doing this. We have to stop playing small because we are so obsessed with what other people might think.

Consider this a nudge to share your magic today. I hope you break through the fear of what others may think and have the confidence to show up. People are waiting, even if they don’t know it yet.

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