The Biggest Mistake Brand Photographers Make

#100: The Biggest Mistake Brand Photographers Make

Rebrand, my sixteen-week group coaching experience for photographers, is now enrolling. This program is for photographers who desire to offer brand photography so they can scale their income, work betters hours, and run a business that feels like them. Visit to learn more and join.  

Success as a brand photographer has nothing to do with your talent in photography. 

It doesn’t have anything to do with whether you use a mirrorless or DSLR, or if you’ve landed national clients, or made six figures. 

Nope. None of that.

Success in brand photography depends on helping people see the value of themselves in their business.

In this episode of Take It Personally, I break down the biggest mistake photographers are making in their business: not building their own personal brand.

Inside Rebrand, we will work to hone your own personal brand as the foundation for your brand photography business using my 4R Method:

Your Reputation (positioning) will allow ideal clients to find you and know exactly what you offer. 

Your Rapport (content and connection) will attract clients who already know, like and trust you, and come to you ready to book. 

Your Relationships (trust) with past clients will fuel a consistent stream of referrals into your business, because your strategic client experience will build their confidence in themselves (and you).

Refining this system will ensure that your process continues to evolve in order to serve the business you want, not the business you’re told you “should” have.

This 16-week group coaching experience is for established photographers who want to shoot brand photography, earn four figures+ per session, and work during the week with incredible clients who value and appreciate the asset your photos add to their business.

We start on October 11. Click here for all the details on Rebrand.

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