Spring Engagement Photos at Sioux Falls Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Gardens in Sioux Falls bloom for exactly 12 seconds every spring. Ok…maybe not 12 seconds. But it’s not long at all, and when you throw in the crazy spring that we’ve had (snow! rain! no sun!), it makes it even more difficult to figure out when the garden is going to bust out in technicolor.

It just so happened that the weather gods were smiling upon me when the day the Japanese Gardens bloomed was also the day that I had an engagement session with Alyssa and Levi. I know, right!? I’m the luckiest. And for real, if it would have been a day sooner or later, we wouldn’t have gotten these amazing photos. I was at the gardens with my kids two days before, and NONE of these trees were blooming. Crazy!

I’m so excited for Alyssa and Levi’s winter wedding (at the Meadow Barn!! eeeek!), but until I have those gorgeous pics to share with you, these will have to do. I am willing to bet you won’t be disappointed 😉 I, personally, am obsessed with these. Enjoy!

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