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How to Have the Perfect Sparkler Exit at Your Wedding

There is something straight up magical about a sparkler exit to end your wedding day. They’re so fun for the bride and groom, and they are amazing to photograph – a wedding photographer’s dream!

It’s easier than you think to create the perfect sparkler exit. Here are a few of my favorite tips!

Use Long Sparklers

You don’t want to have to rush your exit! Short sparklers like you might use on the 4th of July don’t last long enough for a good sparkler exit. Instead, opt for longer sparklers. I have used and love the 36 inch sparklers – these are a great option. Ideally, you want sparklers to last more than a minute or two, and you also want them to be smokeless!

Using longer sparklers also let’s people hold them a little bit higher, so you don’t risk lighting your dress on fire during the exit. Always a good thing!

Fake it

I think people often think they can’t do a sparkler exit because they won’t have enough people at the reception until the bitter end – or their photographer will be gone by then. But sparkler exits are actually typically earlier in the evening! Work with your DJ to determine a good time to call people off the dance floor for the sparkler exit. Or, if you don’t want to stop everything, just invite your wedding party and a few close family members. You don’t need too many people for photos – although if the whole guest list wants to join, that’s super fun too!

Take your time and soak it in

Don’t rush your exit! Walk slowly through the tunnel of people and don’t be afraid to interact with them. Smile, high five, and cheer and really soak it in. This will make for great photography, too! And of course, interact with your new spouse because YOU ARE MARRIED! Dance, twirl, kiss, and dip your way through the crowd.

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Be ready to do the ‘exit’ twice to make sure you get some really great images. Plus, who doesn’t want to walk through a cheering crowd a second time?!

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