My Wedding Photography Bucket List

I’m a firm believer in putting things out into the universe to make them happen. Yes, you have to work your booty off and hustle too, but I think there’s something to be said for just saying the thing out loud. You never know what will happen!

I’ve had a running list in my head for a while now of a photography bucket list. Some of these are easy-peasy, and it’s probably surprising I haven’t done them yet; some are really out there and will likely never happen. And that’s OK! But this is me putting this out into the universe, and saying if you ever want to shoot a session at Disney World … I’m your girl 🙂

Enjoy my bucket list! Am I missing anything?

Dream Wedding Destinations in South Dakota

  • Custer State Park – but I’ve got a soft spot for Sylvan Lake.
  • The Badlands – a wedding would be sweet, but I’d love to just do an engagement session or bridal portraits here!
  • Penny Tree Events Center – this place has a great mix of indoor and outdoor spots, and I feel like it’s a less common venue for Sioux Falls brides.
  • Outdoor ceremony at Blue Haven – I’ve only ever shot indoor ceremonies!
  • UnderCanvas Mount Rushmore – I am freaking dying to see this place!! Glamping trip, anyone?
  • McCrory Gardens in Brookings. I’ve had friends shoot here and I’m always jealous! Plus, I love all the food Brookings has to offer. You know I’ll be hitting up Nick’s Hamburgers. And if you want to serve Nick’s Hamburgers at your McCrory Gardens wedding … well, I’ll be dead of happiness.
  • Calico Skies Vineyard. I’ve technically shot a wedding here before, but it was when I was second shooting and had far less experience. Now that I’m a more confident photographer, I think I’d have a blast!

Dream Wedding Destinations Outside South Dakota

  • A glitzy Vegas elopement. Come at me with the cliches, I want it all.
  • A beach destination wedding outside the United States.
  • Downtown Scottsdale, AZ engagement session – I’ve literally been here once but I remember it was awesome, so why not go back with my camera and a couple in love!?
  • Wedding portraits or an engagement/anniversary session in the Arizona dessert.
  • A casual glam wedding overlooking Garden of the Gods in Colorado.
  • Wedding portraits or an engagement session/anniversary session in Banff, Canada
  • A vineyard wedding somewhere in Napa Valley. BECAUSE COME ON.

Other Fun Ideas

  • A courthouse elopement with a casual reception after. Think a local burger joint, backyard BBQ, or pizza picnic!
  • A food truck dinner reception. (I’m actually shooting this in August and I can’t wait!)
  • Getting ready on the morning of the wedding at the ClubHouse Sioux Falls in the Presidential Suite. I’ve been lucky enough to see the two story suite as a bridesmaid, but I’d love to shoot it as a photographer!
  • Donut pegboard at the reception. Yes, I know it’s very Pinterest, but I love donuts.
  • An outdoor dance under string bistro lights.
  • An engagement session or wedding at Disney World. Because it’s Disney World.

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