Grow Your Business with Podcasting with Kat Brendel

#61: Grow Your Business with Podcasting with Kat Brendel

It’s time to talk about podcasting and how it can help you grow your business. There are ways to strategically use a podcast to help you get more leads, grow your audience, and even make additional income through it.

It’s time to talk about podcasting and how it can help you grow your business. There are ways to strategically use a podcast to help you get more leads, grow your audience, and even make additional income through it.

I went into podcasting thinking it would be great to monetize it, but I soon discovered that podcasting can actually bring in business in other ways that maybe aren’t as clear cut as having sponsors.

Kat Brendel, a podcast expert and strategist, shares her wisdom on this topic as we discuss how to utilize podcasting as a way to grow your business. Kat hosts her own podcast, alongside helping many others launch and grow their own podcasts, gain visibility, and make a larger impact. 

 Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Get to know Kat
  • How Kat got into podcasting
  • What typically brings people to starting a podcast
  • The opportunities and conversations that podcasts can bring
  • Goals people have to grow their podcast
  • Repurposing content and bringing back old episodes
  • Should a podcast have its own brand/business/page or should everything stay within one?
  • Turn down creation, turn up promotion
  • Having call to actions and giving people a reason to take that action
  • Reducing overwhelm for listeners
  • Strategies to get your podcast in front of a larger audience

A few highlights from this episode:

[8:32] – I think it’s kind of twofold. One – for them personally, as well as what they want to achieve.

[13:40] – Show your chops because that’s the great thing you can do in a podcast. You can show your knowledge. You can show that you know what you’re talking about, which is kind of important.

[14:23] – Once you have the podcast as kind of like a cornerstone of your content, you can repurpose that. You can use it for all these other places, and it gives you way more stuff to work with.

[23:07] – Let’s turn down the creation a little bit. Do really good stuff a little less, and just focus on the promotion. I think that’s one trap that people often fall into.

{26:04] – Choose one thing they should do on each episode. Choose one. Tell them a reason why to do it, and you know, stay with that.

It was great talking podcast strategy with Kat today! You can connect with Kat on her website and book a free consultation with her here! She also frequently does free trainings, which you can be on the lookout for here

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Some of the best conversations happen after the show in my private Facebook group, Take It Personally Podcast. Click here to join in!

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