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Baby P Details

Hello friends!
If any of you are still here after that lengthy hiatus then HI! HOW ARE YA?! I MISSED YA! I can finally confirm that yes, the rumors (that my mother probably started) are indeed true and I’m currently 3.5 months in to the task of growing a human baby:



Obviously it’s been crickets around here and I haven’t done my usual “Monthly Goals” since, oh, January, but I will say you’re not missing much because February, March and April goals looked a lot like “don’t barf” and “barf less.” Good times, friends, good times. I mean, I’m super happy everything is going swimmingly and all that but I could do with a lot less of the morning-sickness-that-actually-lasts-all-day-and-then-the-next-day-too sickness.

So, see? I just saved you from 3.5 months of complaining like that. Very welcome, indeed.

Since announcing we’ve had so many congrats and well-wishes from family and friends and we’re feeling very, very loved. I thought I’d put a few baby details in this post for posterity and inquiring minds. And if you don’t care about babies that’s fine too, maybe come back tomorrow? OK.

How far along are you?

14 weeks today (so, 3.5 months), and since the first trimester ends around 12-14 weeks, I’m hoping I’m out of it. Like, really hoping.

How have you been feeling?

This is always everyone’s first questions which is SO SWEET but I always answer very honestly (“SO TERRIBLE”) because I feel like the first trimester is notoriously rough, but I’m always met with wide-eyes and frowns. So here is a question: are there people who don’t have an absolutely terrible, soul-crushingly exhausting, glued-to-the-toilet-barfing first trimester? Because we should study them and create some sort of an antidote for the rest of us poor fools.

Sooo yes, hoping the worst is behind me but regardless I want to hug every mom on the planet because I AM SO SORRY. And a big shout out to my bestie Lorna who had a baby in July and periodically sends me photos of her adorable offspring doing adorable things with captions like “It gets better,” and “It’s worth it,” whilst I am mid-vomit.

How’s Jeff doing?

Is it even a question? So excited, so adorable, so great. I was regularly having pity parties for myself that ended in sob fests in between super rational sentences like, “Do you miss the fun girl that you married because I doooooooo!” and “Why do you even hang out with me anymore I just sleep all day and I can’t eat anythinggggggg!” and he just smiles and brings me some Jell-o and Tylenol. He’s a good man.

Any food cravings or food aversions?

Choosing what to eat is usually a process that begins with me asking “Will this make me vomit?” and then choosing whatever thing will most likely not.

How’s healthy eating and exercise going?


I’m sorry. What?

But in all seriousness, I am living proof that a person can live on nothing but peanut butter toast and apples for 14 weeks and live to tell the tale. What is “vegetable”?

Any weird pregnancy symptoms?

Just all of them.

When are you finding out if it’s a boy or a girl?

We’re actually not going to! Let the stoning commence…

We always thought we’d wait to find out and didn’t really think much of it, but we’re learning it’s deffffinitely something people have opinions on! Ha! My sister has started a petition to get us to change our minds, if you’re interested.

What’s this mean for Mad Photo?

AH yes, glad you asked! Since Baby P is due October 30, I’m planning on taking the majority of October and November off for sure, and playing it by ear from there. We’re just going to go with the flow and see what happens, but I probably won’t be scheduling anything too far out in case things change. SO you shouldn’t notice much of a change besides the fact that if I do mini sessions this year it won’t be in October, and I also won’t be taking last-minute bookings in the fall (or at least around my due date) since I’ll likely already be booked/occupied. That means if you need a Christmas card photo or ANYTHING like that, start thinking about it now and hit me up! 🙂


Despite all my pent-up complaining (thanks for the vent, ‘preciate it), we’re very very very happy over here and super excited. This next year will be so exciting and fantastic and we can’t wait! Thanks for all the well-wishes 🙂 You guys are the best. I cannot thank my recent clients enough for allllll their patience. They didn’t know it at the time, but they were waiting extra-long for photos while I took some time to feel not-deadly and I’m SO GLAD I had the flexibility to be able to do that (and honestly don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t) so THANK YOU!!!



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