Why Photographers Should Outsource Their Editing with Nicole Olson 

#49: Why Photographers Should Outsource Their Editing with Nicole Olson

Nicole Olson is a South Dakota photographer and private editor who loves helping burnt out creatives achieve freedom in their business.

Nicole Olson is a South Dakota photographer and private editor who loves helping burnt out creatives achieve freedom in their business. She has taken her 10+ years in the photography industry and seen that burnout is a common problem for photographers and can often be solved by outsourcing to make more time for themselves, their business, or their social life. 

Nicole recently made this transition in her business to include editing as one of her services and loves to help other photographers, along with having more freedom and time for her own family.

In this episode, we dive into how Nicole made this transition, what it looks like for photographers to outsource their editing, and so much more. Here are some of the main talking points from my conversation with Nicole:

  • How Nicole transitioned to being a private editor
  • What working with an editor actually looks like
  • The types of clients Nicole works with
  • Nicole’s editing process and creative control
  • Pricing/cost with hiring an editor
  • How hiring an editor can make you more money
  • What to look for when looking to hire an editor (and where to even start)
  • How Nicole sends her photos to clients/the tech side of things
  • Consistency and edits Nicole often makes
  • Things you can be doing to help Lightroom run better
  • Nicole’s personal preferences for editing
  • How culling could also be handed off to an editor
  • How overdelivering a gallery can actually overwhelm a client

A few highlights from this episode:

[8:20] – It frees up time so you can take more sessions and make quite a bit more money…instead of spending those hours editing, which a lot of us don’t necessarily love doing anyway. 

[9:26] – Instagram is a great way to search. There are private editors all over there. And just trying to find someone who is willing to work with you and your style and learning about their process to see how simple is this or how complicated are they making it can be a good way to find who’s going to be a good fit for you.

[13:16] – It definitely helps your client experience, and I assume that word of mouth would be incredible after that.

[24:53] – Just having a second set of eyes on something, in any part of business, I think is invaluable.

I love what Nicole does within her business and when it comes to editing, and this conversation was so interesting to learn more! If you are curious to learn about hiring an editor, you can connect with Nicole on social media @photosbynicolemarie or on her website here.

Some of the best conversations happen after the show in my private Facebook group, Take It Personally Podcast. Click here to join in!

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