What To Do When Your Business No Longer Aligns With Your Passion

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#29: What to do When Your Business No Longer Aligns with Your Passions

Today on Take It Personally is guest, Chelsey Schnell! Chelsey is from Sioux Falls, married, and has 3 kids she gets to love on and 2 in heaven that she lost to miscarriage.

Today on Take It Personally is guest, Chelsey Schnell! Chelsey is from Sioux Falls, married, and has 3 kids she gets to love on and 2 in heaven that she lost to miscarriage. She is an Enneagram 4, works in marketing and is also a photographer, and now runs a nonprofit she started, called Evermore Blooms. Evermore Blooms delivers flowers to moms, who have suffered a miscarriage, on their hardest days (due date, anniversary of the loss, etc.). 

Chelsey has a unique story as it has taken a lot of different turns over the years as she has learned more about who she is and her passions. She has come on today to share more about her journey, why it’s okay if your interests and passions change, and how to help your audience connect with your new venture.

Here are some of the things I talk about with Chelsey:

  • How Chelsey’s miscarriage impacted her photography work and her mission
  • How she got from photography to her nonprofit, Evermore Blooms
  • More about Evermore Blooms – how it got started, how it works, and Chelsey’s dreams for it
  • How Chelsey wants to change the conversation about miscarriage
  • Chelsey’s advice to people who are working on a business that is no longer fulfilling them 
  • Why doing what you love is so important (more important than money)
  • What’s getting Chelsey excited 


[9:05]  Photography will always be a part of me, but I think God wanted more for me. It was just a catalyst to something else. 

[18:23]  My main goal is to not leave any women uncared for, whatever that might look like.

[25:40] I had the realization that I am not my work. I put a lot of ‘me’ into my work, but I am not my work. As creatives, we have to remember this. 

[31:57]  I feel that so many people get wrapped up in “this is what I should be doing” or “these are the things that are going to make me money.” But what’s going to make your heart happy? None of that matters if at the end of your life you say “I made a lot of money, but I sure was miserable.” 

What an episode! This conversation with Chelsey was so life-giving for me. Chelsey’s story is so inspiring, and I know it will be to others too, as will Evermore Blooms. Connect with Chelsey @Evermorebloomsorg on Instagram and Evermore Blooms on Facebook (pink and white flower profile picture). Their website is coming soon.

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