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Three Tips for Building a Personal Brand if You Have a Team

How to build a personal, inviting, and professional brand for your small (or large!) company. 

You know I’ve never been shy about the importance of personal branding if you want to stand out in your industry and work in your zone of magic.  All the things I teach … show up as yourself, share about your personal life outside of work … make total sense if you’re a solopreneur.

But, people have been asking: 

How can I build a personal brand if I have a team? 

Oooo, I love this Q! Because when you manage a team, personal branding is the thing that will make your company feel approachable, inviting, and professional – all at once. There are real, genuine people behind your business. And if you can get your customers to know and like them? Then you’ve just accomplished two out of the three in the know~like~trust factor. 💪

Now that you understand why you need personal branding  … 

Here are my best tips for building a personal brand if you have a team.

1 –  Feature your services and the people on your team responsible for them.

Apparel Worx in Wagner, South Dakota, does a really, really excellent job of this! Check out their Instagram page, and you’ll see what I mean. They not only showcase their services (like graphic design and screen printing) but also name and recognize the team member who makes it happen.

2 – Let each team member take over your business social media accounts for a day.

Instead of the standard ‘meet our team’ post, give each employee the microphone for a day so your audience can see your company from their perspective. Ask them to share what they’re working on, what a typical day looks like for them, and more of their process and personality.

I love how Click Rain of Sioux Falls does this. When you go to their Instagram page, you’ll see each team member has their own Highlight that you can click on for a full behind-the-scenes glimpse of their day. 

3 – Share content of your team doing things outside of work.

The ideas here are endless! Whatever your team members love to do outside of work, share about it. This can be content with them volunteering, enjoying a hobby, or even hanging out on their lunch break. 

Introduce yourself and say hello in the comments if these tips and examples were helpful to you, and let me know: Do you have a team? What challenges or wins have you gone through when building a personal brand for that team? 

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