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The 5 Types of Personal Branding Photography

A branding photography session is so much more than just a headshot. Branding sessions showcase the one thing no one stands a chance to compete with when it comes to your business: YOU. Who are you? What do you do? What makes you happy? How do you spend your weekends? These are all the things that can make up your personal branding session.

If you’re not taking advantage of all the types of branding photography to get the most out of your session, you’re missing out on a massive amount of content and marketing materials that you can repurpose again and again. But what if you’re not totally sure what types of photos you even need?

Modern Headshot

These def don’t need to feature you in a blazer, or be up against a white or gray background (unless you’re into that!), but they DO need to have you looking and smiling at the camera. People (AKA your ideal client) connect with people, and it’s really hard to connect with someone we can’t look in the eyes! 

But a classic pose doesn’t mean these have to be boring! You can still show off your personality with these through your choice of setting, your clothing, or accessories. The plain backdrop headshot is out (at least for these sessions) and fun is IN.


What are your hobbies? What do you love? Where can we find you on the weekends? Whatever the answers are, you can showcase all those things in lifestyle branding photos. Grab a cup of your favorite coffee (cream, no sugar, please), browse your cell phone, where your comfiest pants and your hair in a messy bun, and rock out who you really are. This is also a great time to incorporate other people! Getting a few images of you playing with your kids, or a sweet shot of you and your boo, can go a long ways in helping people on the interwebs get to know you on a more personal level.

With lifestyle images, make sure you have a mix of looking at the camera (see #1!) and looking away, and snag some details too (like a close up of that special tea mug, or your hand digging into a bowl of your fave snack).

At Work/Behind the Scenes

Humans are extremely visual, and if we’re going to work with someone, we want to get an idea of how it will go…even before things are official. Photos of you working accomplish that for potential clients, and help them trust that you’re a professional who knows what’s up. If you’re a photographer, I want to see you holding a camera (and let’s be real, smiling at that LCD screen because the photos you are taking are just. that. good.); if you sell and educate about essential oils, I want to see you leading a class. Behind-the-scenes photos of you working away on your laptop or building your empire from your cell phone can be just as important to show what you do all day!

Tools of the Trade

Chances are there are a couple tools in your toolbox that make doing your job a heck of a lot easier. This is where you get to show them off! If you’re a florist, let’s see some beautiful blooms alongside your cutting sheers. If you are a baker, open up your pantry and bust out the KitchenAid Mixer. If you are a hair and makeup artist, show off your eye makeup palettes. The sky is the limit! 

Flatlays and Vignettes

Flat lays are a great way to break up your usual marketing images. They’re taken from above (looking down), which can be a different perspective from the straight-on shots we usually incorporate into our websites and social media feeds. Plus, they’re a great way to tell a story and create visual interest. 

Flat lays work best when your eye has an obvious path to follow through the frame. If that completely overwhelms you, start with small, basic flat lays. Stationers could use a photo of a recent wedding invite suite, for example. 

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  1. Love this post! Super important to be aware of all of these types of photos when it comes to planning a Personal Branding Photoshoot!

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