My Top Photos in the Shoot and Share Photo Contest

This year was the first year I entered the annual Shoot and Share Photo Contest, and it’s safe to say I am now addicted.

The Shoot and Share Photo Contest is the only photography contest I’ve ever found that is completely about the photos. Voting goes on for the entire month of March, and you never know how your photos are doing, or even if you’re still in the contest unless you see your own images.

Voting is easy and crazy addictive, and if you’re waiting to see one of your own images in a see of hundreds of thousands (as most are!), you can easily accidentally kill a lot of time clicking around the voting website.

I submitted 50 photos to the contest this year, in almost every category. The photos ranged from wedding images, to lifestyle/documentary photos, to seniors, and everything in between. I even submitted a few photos that I look for my own family, like the one of Simon and Rue that placed 648/19,330 in the Lifestyle category – my highest place!

I’ve put a little video together that shows all the photos that ranked. Watch it below! Thanks so much for all your support as I’ve posted about this the last month – and a huge thank you to my clients in these photos!

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