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How to Look Amazing in Your Wedding Photos

No matter how calm and cool a bride is, it seems they’re always a little concerned with how they’re going to look in their wedding photos. And for good reason! You want to love these photos forever, and share them for the next million years. Luckily, it’s easy to look amazing in your wedding photos! Here are a few of my favorite tips.

1. Primp

It’s your wedding! What a great excuse to get your nails done with your girlfriends, and make an appointment to whiten your pearly whites. Taking care of little details like that go a long way when it comes to your photos, especially when we’ll be focusing on those little details. And don’t forget to get your ring cleaned while you are at it! If you’re getting your rings sautered together, jewelers will often make sure they are clean when you pick them up.

2. Hydrate!

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of the last few weeks and days before your wedding, but it’s so important to remember to HYDRATE! Your skin, hair and nails will thank you, especially on your wedding day when you have that bridal glow. Any hair and makeup artist will tell you this is incredibly important!

3. Hire a professional

Speaking of a hair and makeup artist (HMUA)…get one! These guys are pros at making sure you look like a total bombshell on your wedding day without making you look overdone. If you’ve ever been in front of the camera or on a stage before, you’ve likely been told to go a bit above and beyond what you typically would for makeup so you don’t get washed out. This is true for your wedding day, too! You’re technically in front of the camera (so many cameras, really!) AND on a stage…all day long! You want to look and FEEL your best, and a professional HMUA can help you achieve this.

I can’t say enough good things about my girl Sabreena (hair + makeup + eyebrow queen extraordinaire) and I’d love to connect you with her for your wedding day! She’s working on a few of my brides this year and I’M SO EXCITED I CAN’T FEEL MY FACE!!

4. Say ‘No’ to Cheeto

First: please note the photos I’m sharing of brides are NOT examples of an overly-tan, Cheeto look. My brides are beautiful. End of story, amen, I have to say this because people be cray.

I definitely get wanting to look like a bronzed goddess when you walk down the aisle. I was a frequenter of the tanning bed (I KNOW SO BAD I’M SORRY) + got a spray tan a few days before my wedding. I think the key here is to just be VERY aware of how far you go. Any time you’re changing the color of your skin, it’s going to look a little unnatural. Be aware of the Cheeto look and how to avoid it.

A little bronze is fine! But don’t try to look like you just got back from a year in Jamaica if it’s January in North Dakota, know what I mean? Your natural skin color is ALWAYS the best skin color–and I’m not just saying that! It’s always what is going to photograph the best, and quite frankly, it’s what you’ll want your photos to look like in 50 years as trends come and go.

And, it probably goes without saying, but don’t do anything right before your wedding that you’ve never done before! If you know how your body handles a spray tan and you’ve got it down to a science, by all means, hit the booth a few days before your nuptials. But for crying out loud, don’t get a spray tan for your wedding if you’ve never done it before! If you’re planning now, you’ve likely got a few months to go before the big day. Take advantage of that and experiment now, not later.

4. Practice makes perfect

Don’t roll your eyes at this one, however much you want to–practice posing in the mirror! Understand how to smile so you like what you see (selfie cam, anyone?), and make sure you know what your face feels like when you nail it. Know your best poses, and how to position yourself so you feel confident and flattered.

Now, as a photographer, I definitely consider it my responsibility to help you out MAJORLY here! If you just want to rely on me, that’s fine–it’s what I’m here for! However, if you want to go above and beyond, I have found that clients who are more aware of their bodies are easier to work with, and we’re able to move a little quicker–always nice on a wedding day! Trust your photographer to pose you to look your best, but also know enough about yourself and your body to help the process along. You’ll make a great team, I promise!

Bonus tip: One of the poses I use with almost every one of my couples is to use the groom’s body to camouflage the bride’s jussssst a bit. I seriously do this because I found myself doing it behind Jeff, and I always LOVED the photos we took together when I did it. Husbands are good for lots of things 😉

When you’re posed side by side with your groom, on your wedding day and beyond, stand at a slight angle and tuck your arm and some of your body behind his. Voila! You just lost ten pounds. Best trick ever.  (And if you now think I’m crazy, that’s fine too.)

5. Enjoy the moment

This! This this this! If you only care about one of these tips, let this be the one. Too many weddings are ruined not because of caterers getting the side dishes wrong or the centerpieces being too tall, but because brides get so wrapped up in the details they can’t enjoy the moment.

This will come through in your photos, and it will be all you remember about your wedding day. Don’t focus on any of the negative–none of it! There is no negative on your wedding day. At the end of the day, you are married to your best friend. This is your best day everJust enjoy it!

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