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Friday Favorites 1.18.19

Happy Friday! I’m getting some work done on this snow day and hoping that our weekend plans won’t go out the window with the impending blizzard. We have friends coming over and I’m so excited for a break in our day-to-day. And I’m REALLY excited because we’re doing an appetizer dinner. I’m making chicken wings. Hell yeah.

Cash Back Apps

You guys. This is fascinating to me. I do the majority of my shopping online because it’s easy and I’m at my computer all day anyway. A couple years ago, I started using the apps Honey and Ebates. I’ll break down what each of them does below, but basically, go sign up now because you could literally be MAKING money when you go crazy on an online Old Navy sale. Not kidding. Here’s the deets:


Honey is a  free browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout for over 30,000 shopping sites. Say you are shopping at for a Nespresso. Honey searches the corners of the internet for the best discounts and coupons and automatically applies them to your cart with the push of a button. They also instantly find better prices on Amazon (so you don’t have to wonder if the rug you’re buying is listed as a better deal somewhere else). But my favorite feature is that they offer Honey Gold at a lot of stores for American, Canadian, and UK members. Honey gold = free money when you shop at certain stores. For example, I earned “Gold” (cash back) last year when I shopped at Etsy, BeautyCounter, 1-800-Flowers, American Eagle, and Forever21. These were ALL purchases that I was going to make anyway, AND I GOT PAID FOR THEM.

Honey is a super slick browser extension that just runs in the background while you shop, and then shows a notification when there are coupons or Honey Gold available. It’s literally the easiest thing ever and such a no brainer. I’m kicking myself for not signing up sooner. If you ever shop online, install this app now!


Ebates is also used as a browser extension that will automatically push through a notification when you land on a website that is offering cash back for a purchase. If I’m shopping at, I’ll get a notification in the browser window that they are offering, for example, 1-5% cash back on my purchase. I’ll click Activate, and keep shopping. It’s that easy. Then, when I check out, I get a percentage back. Every couple weeks, I get what Ebates calls a “big fat check” either sent to my house or deposited right into my Paypal account. For real. Free money, in my Paypal account, for stuff I was buying anyway. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE, YA’LL.

Tiny French Press

I obviously work from home now, and I obviously love coffee. I’ve talked about my Nespresso, but truth be told I usually save my fancy coffee drinking for an afternoon pick me up. I’m still a fan of a good, black cup of coffee. For Christmas, I got this mini French Press and I LOVE it. Even though I talk a lot about my love for the java, I don’t drink a ton of coffee every day. I would say a crazy day is three cups. So, when I was brewing a normal sized French press (my preferred brew method for black coffee – don’t knock it til you try it), I had a lot of leftover coffee. The smaller French press is so perfect because it’s great for when it’s just me at home and I literally want one cup of coffee. It’s basically the same concept as a Keurig, but with better coffee and less waste. Plus, anything miniature is adorable, right?

Baby Bows

My Pip and Willow bows for my shoot next week showed up yesterday and I died. They are so dang cute. I ordered the velvet ones for the first time and oh my word. THE SWEETEST. They are still having a 40% off sale to get rid of some inventory as their business is changing, so snatch some up for your lady babies!

Arm Chair Expert

I found a new podcast! Well – new to me. I typically go for business-y podcasts and I LOVE them, but my obsession has honestly reached new heights and I’ve burned through a lot of podcasts lately. I’ve been wanting to add some interesting-but-mindless content that I can listen to while working, and Arm Chair Expert with Dax Sheppard totally fits the bill. Dax is so damn funny, and it’s so interesting to listen to him interview other celebrities. I’m fascinated with people, celebrity or not, so anything where I get to pretend to be a fly on the wall and be nosey to other lifestyles is basically my fave thing. The episode with Mila Kunis was especially great and hilarious. I actually replayed a part for Jeff that night when he got home, and we died laughing. I will say, this isn’t the kind of podcast you want to listen to with your first grader in the car … but if you’re like me and your kids are younger and oblivious, you’re probably fine 😉 Otherwise, keep it for when you’re alone – ha!

Mobile Lightroom Presets

THIS IS TOTAL SELF PROMOTION BUT … I want you guys to know that the Winter Preset Collection will be going away at the end of February! These are the cheapest presets I offer and have been super popular lately – peeps are digging the ‘Frost‘ preset especially – so if you’re thinking about snagging some, do it now before they’re gone foreverrrrrr. And, of course, if you buy any presets, please feel free to hop over to Facebook and join our group. It’s seriously so fun, and I’m loving teaching people how to use the presets to create their BEST images that they’re proud of. It seriously makes me so happy.


This post contains affiliate links + discount codes for things I love. This means that at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission through some of the things you purchase. I would never promote something I have not tried myself and love. Thank you for your support!

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