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Friday Favorites 1.11.19

This post contains affiliate links + discount codes for things I love. This means that at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission through some of the things you purchase. I would never promote something I have not tried myself and love. Thank you for your support!

Happy Friday, friends!

Toward the end of the year, I asked you beautiful people what you wanted to see more of from me on social media + the blog, and overwhelmingly I heard that you wanted more personal posts. This has been something that I’ve been wanting to share more of, too, so I’m starting with some things I’ve been loving lately.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix

I know: me and the rest of the world. But I am loving Marie Kondo on Netflix! I’ve been curious about her book for years but thought it would just give me another thing to stress out about not doing. The show makes it seem so much more attainable. I definitely purged some closets after watching! Next up: my office. Hold me.

Nespresso Coffee Machine

I bought myself a Nespresso for Christmas (Merry Christmas to meeeeee), and I love it so much. I am obsessed with having a fancy coffee drink in hand, but honestly the drinks that I get at Starbucks and Caribou are often way too sweet for me. It feels wasteful to order them day after day when I could be saving the money, because I’ve always really liked the drinks I make at home. The Nespresso machine makes it way easier to make fancy lattes and iced drinks, and the coffee is STRONG. I ended up with this one (I purchased from Target during a sale), and have been super happy with it.

Bath Trays

I’ve been searching bath trays on Pinterest and I’m low key obsessed. Both baths in my house are grungy and awful, but some day I’m going to have a big soaker tub so I can use one of these bad boys in all their glory. I think 43 Degrees Woodworking needs to start making them! 😉

Tiny Girly Accessories

I just ordered these boots for Veda and they are just as cute as they look online. I love that the back is velcro because chubby feet are very difficult to squeeze into boots. She’s just starting to walk, and I’m dying over all the adorable options for shoes and other accessories! And can we talk about dresses this summer?! I CANNOT.

How I Built This

I’m a total podcast junkie, and How I Built This is at the top of my list. It’s an interview style podcast that features successful entrepreneurs who launched huge businesses: think Instagram, Kate Spade, and Whole Foods. It’s absolutely fascinating to hear from people who have gone on to build these businesses, but started with almost nothing. Most of the time, their friends and family think they are nuts. They often have so much adversity against them, but keep going and it pays off. It’s insane to think the people who started these companies began like you and I, but they totally did, and it’s the most motivating podcast. This week, I listened to an episode about SoulCycle. If you’re new to How I Built This, my favorite episodes are Spanx and So good! Binge now, thank me later.

Modern Graduation Invitations

I’m getting ready to start helping my senior clients with their graduation invitations, and I’m loving these modern, script-y invitations from Basic Invite. I partner with Basic Invite and am so impressed with how they are constantly updating their card designs throughout the year. They have so many great options for Save the Dates, wedding invitations, and grad announcements. If you’re planning a wedding, you can even print your programs and menu cards through them. It’s impressive! Basic Invite is my favorite online invitation printer because you can customize every single product with your wedding colors. They have hundreds of colors to choose from, which makes my Type A self so happy. As a partner, I’ve got a discount code above if you want to check it out and get 30% off!

Blue Light Glasses

I ordered these glasses months ago since I spend 90% of my life staring at a screen, and I love them so much. They don’t have a prescription so they’re super light (and crazy cheap), but so cute and really take the strain off my eyeballs. Full disclosure: sometimes I wear them with my contacts when I’m out and about just because they’re so stinking cute. I buy them from Eye Buy Direct and I’ve been really impressed with their prices, quality, and selection. I actually ordered these in a prescription and they’re super fun (and were under $100 for my ridiculous ‘script – what!).

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