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11 Essentials for Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

When I was engaged, I was a pretty calm, cool and collected bride. I thoroughly enjoyed the planning process (as everyone should!) and I didn’t stress too much about any one thing. I had a great time wedding planning with my mama, and toward the end everything came together in a really seamless way. Nothing to stress about, right!?

Or so I thought! It didn’t matter how chill I was, it seemed my brain didn’t get the memo. I kept having these weird wedding planning nightmares where we’d get to the day of the wedding, and suddenly my dress wasn’t ready, the groom didn’t show up, or the flowers never arrived. What!? Please tell me I’m not alone with these bizarre dreams!

I can’t promise that I can make these crazy nightmares go away forever, but I can promise that I can help you be a little less stressed about your wedding day. Whether you’re the bride, the maid of honor, a personal attendant or a helpful friend, I’ve put together an awesome list of wedding day essentials that will make everything smooth sailing.

1. Sewing Kit

You hope you never have to use it, but a sewing kit can seriously come in handy if a bridesmaid rips a seam, or a groomsmen tears a sleeve. Now, if you can find someone who knows how to sew, you’ll really be in business! Pro tip: make sure you have a thread color similar to the bridesmaid’s dresses and the groomsmen’s suits and you’ll be the hero of the day.

2. Hair Spray

Don’t leave home without it! Even if you’re trusting a pro with your hair and makeup (bless them!), it’s a good idea to throw in a can or even a mini can or hair spray for touch ups throughout the day. Pro tip: in an emergency you can even use this to prevent a ripped nylon from tearing any bigger, set your makeup, and tame static electricity. I’m a big believer in the power of hairspray, ladies.

3. Kleenex

Whether you’re blotting away sweat beads because it’s a million degrees, wiping away a few tears at the ceremony, or trying to tame a runny nose from that cold that didn’t get the memo it’s wedding day, having a small pack of tissues is definitely a good idea.

4. Snacks!

I find it very difficult to leave the house without a granola bar or seven in my purse, and a wedding day is no different. Load up, ladies! Hopefully you’ll have some fruit or bagels to nosh on at some point during the day, but just in case you end up famished at some point, you’ll be glad you’ve got a snack. Wedding days be cray, and if you’re gonna start with mimosas at 8AM (as you should), you best get some padding that belly.

5. Medicine

Another thing I don’t leave home without: my little bag of meds! Call me grandma, but there’s nothing worse than being somewhere and feeling a headache coming on when there’s not a Tylenol or Advil in sight. Throw in a couple aspirin, antacids, and other odds and ends you may need and you’ll be everyone’s BFF.

6. A Cute Dress Hanger

This one is maybe a little selfish on my part, and definitely geared toward the bride! I’ve been to a ton of weddings where bridal gowns are simply hung on the plastic hanger they send you home from the salon with. It’s fine, but not exactly photo-ready! I bring a pack of wood hangers to every wedding with me, and they photograph great, but if you want something cute and personalized, do it! If you’re a bridesmaid or buddy of the bride, what an awesome gift idea! I love these engraved hangers and this cute one with wire and an adorable bow!

7. Blotting Tissue

A friend of mine used to always carry these and they are GENIUS. If you get a little shiny as the day goes on, especially in the summer heat or rush of a busy day (#guilty), these are a must for your wedding day kit. And you can get them for $1 at Target!! Who doesn’t love an excuse to go to Target!?

8. Bobby Pins

Isn’t there a Pinterest meme somewhere about how you find old Bobby pins on the floor all day long, until you need one and they’re nowhere to be found!? This is my life. Start scavenging your house now and throw a few in a Ziploc bag for your survival kit. Bobby pins ALWAYS come in handy. One time, I actually buttoned the tiny buttons on a bride’s wedding dress using the Bobby pins in my camera bag. I basically felt like Wonder Woman the whole day.

9. Straws and coozies

Because coozies keep your beverages ice cold, and straws are just fun to drink out of (and they keep your lipstick in check)!

10. White chalk

Want to know what covers just about any wedding dress stain? Yup. Throw in a stain remover stick for good measure, too!

11. Detail Box

Again – a selfish addition to the list, but I promise you’ll thank me! I have all my brides put together a “detail box” for me on their wedding day. What’s inside? EVERYTHING! Wedding invitations, wedding programs, rings, jewelry, fabric swatches, shoes, something old/new/borrowed/blue, cufflinks, fancy perfume, hair accessories, garters, a cute wedding day clutch…whatever you want!

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