Elegant Spring Wedding at Old Sanctuary in Brookings, SD

When Andy moved into the vacant single bedroom apartment above Kayla, they bonded through mutual friends over a love of Disney movies. Kayla would often join Andy and his adorable daughter for movie nights, and Andy kept Kayla company during study breaks during her years of pharmacy school.

When Kayla decided she maybe liked Andy as more than just a friend, she did what any girl would do–she called her mom. Since Valentine’s Day was approaching, Kayla’s mom suggested she give Andy a Valentine to tell him how she felt. Kayla bought a box of hot tamales and propped them against Andy’s apartment door with a note (“I think you’re a hot tamale…”), and waited.

While there were a few detours along the way (Kayla still teases Andy for ignoring her Valentine for QUITE a while…), these two were obviously made for each other and officially tied the knot on Saturday, in front of dozens of family and friends, and of course, Andy’s sweet daughter (who was very excited for everyone to ‘get married’).

After a long, cold winter, Saturday was perfect weather in Brookings, SD. The day started at Carousel Salon for hair and makeup, and then the ladies moved to the hotel where they blasted music and sipped mimosas. Before we knew it, it was time for the first look.

It was almost impossible for me to narrow down this wedding to 200 of my favorite images, but I tried my hardest and I hope you enjoy reliving this gorgeous day! Congrats Andy and Kayla, and have an amazing time in Ireland!

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