Baby Girl Soft Pink and Gray Nursery

I think no matter what anyone says, just about every mama dreams of putting together a nursery for a sweet baby girl. When we moved into this house, I knew immediately that the tiny room at the end of the hall would be perfect for a tiny pink little girl bedroom.

Eventually, we’ll likely move the kids into Simon’s room to share, or figure out another shared bedroom situation with future kiddos … and this room will become my office. In the meantime, it’s the most perfect little nursery and I love how it came together.

I knew I wanted the room to be pink, but a really soft, feminine pink. I love that the pink is light enough that we can easily accessorize with pops of bright color, like fuchsia and turquoise. The bright pink rug from Amazon and the turquoise cart from IKEA are my favorite ‘pops.’

My sister made the mobile that hands above Veda’s crib when I was pregnant with Simon, and I am still totally in love with it. The toy basket is from Target (obbbbviously). The blanket in it was made by Jeff’s aunt and it’s literally the softest thing you’ve ever felt in your life.

We actually don’t have a changing pad in Veda’s room for a couple reasons. It’s not something we actually use very much, and her dresser (thrifted and painted when I was in college) is a little tall to use as a changing station. Instead, it holds a noise machine, basket for bibs and shoes, a picture frame and salt lamp. I love the bow hooks that hang above it all!

I have small canvases in each of the kids’ rooms with one of my favorite newborn photos, and Veda’s looks perfect on this little shelf. Eventually, I might do some kind of gallery wall above her crib when we take the mobile down, but for now I love having it here.


We’ve had that unicorn bust on the wall since before Veda was born, and I think every time Simon sees it he still says, ‘WHOAAAA, MAMA!’ That kid kills me.

The quilt hung over the chair is another sweet gift from a good friend of mine who I work with. She surprised me with it before I had Veda and you could have knocked me over. I HAVE SUCH TALENTED FRIENDS! It’s seriously so beautiful and goes perfectly in this room.

Another amazing gift – my friend Kelsey is an incredible designer and calligrapher and penned this print for Veda after she was born. “Her name will be fearless…” I could not love this more.

I absolutely love how Veda’s room is the perfect display of so many amazing gifts from amazing people in my life. I feel so lucky that we are raising our own little girl surrounded by these great people!

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