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Moving Week + November Goals

FRIENDS. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
grassy field sun flare

It is moving week.

I’m in major count down mode over here and to avoid going completely crazy I just keep thinking happy thoughts.

Because it was the last Sunday I’ll grocery shop for whatever-gets-us-through-the-week-and-is-microwaveable. (Hello, frozen Chinese food for two. You are not nearly as good as the box makes you look.)

And the last Sunday I could only use half of the fridge. (And our temporary roommates are probably like THANK GOD take your 5 pounds of hummus and LEAVE.)

It was the last Monday we will wake up to an iPhone alarm shortly followed by the incessant jingle-jangle-jingle of a dog who thinks that’s the signal for getting into bed and spooning, although to be fair, for the last month it kind of has been.

It was the last Monday we had to get 4 adults into and out of the shower before 6:45. (Again, temporary roommates be like, BYE.)

The last Monday I have to get ready on the floor of a dimly lit bedroom using a hanging mirror from Target propped up on DVD box sets of The Office and Gilmore Girls.

The last Monday I try to find a missing shirt that is either at the old house, in my brother-in-law’s basement AKA our storage facility, or I don’t know, where those socks that get lost in the dryer go to die.

And the last Monday without a garage. If I could have a ceremonial burning of all my ice scrapers I would but hello, South Dakota. So no.

Because you guys know I LOOOOVE goals and lists like they’re my little baby children, I thought now would be an excellent time to share my end-of-November goals to help keep me on track as the craziness ensues. SO.

November Goals

Finish ALL of the editing in my queue; after culling the corporate shoot I did this weekend, and making the finishing touches to the head shots I did Thursday, this girl is DONE.

MOVE. And have as much put away as possible before going back to work on Monday, without getting TOO worked up and Type A about everything being perfect (HA).

Update all Mad Photo info with the new address and phone number (PS YA’LL my new number is listed on the Facebook page and you can ALWAYS get a hold of me via email)

Start working on new business cards because even though I have 70 billion left, a bunch of old phone numbers is not going to do anyone any good.

Buy a dining room table because WE WILL HAVE A DINING ROOM.

Decide on/purchase new lens for Mad Photo since my go-to bit the dust in an ill-fated camera strap accident that we are not talking about but THANK GOD the new Nikon is unharmed.

Have celebratory date night with Jeff. We’re thinking about Carnaval because we’ve never been and have heard the grilled pineapple is INSANE. Any other ideas?

GET A COSTCO MEMBERSHIP BECAUSE WE WILL HAVE A PANTRY. Then buy box of 75 Keurig K-cups because I can.

Celebrate Turkey day with Jeff’s family and my stretchy leggings.

I think that about covers it! I’m trying to keep it simple as Novembers comes to a close because I know it’s going to be nuts-er than I can even imagine as soon as the moving boxes start to fly…I’ve already started on December’s goal list and it’s kind of looking to be a rhymes-with-witch but UNTIL THEN things are looking grand.

What’s on your end of November list? Have any moving horror stories that we can cry together over? Is Carnaval any good?!

Wish us luck and lack of blizzards!



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