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Nine Things

1. I keep doing this thing where I set my alarm for 6:30, hit snooze, and roll back over until 7:20. I have to be to work by 8. It’s not a good system.
2. Due to ^that thing I do^ my hair is pulled back in a headband today which, in theory, was going to be really cute. In practice though, it a) hurts my head A LOT b) is making me look like I have a lion’s mane. It’s a problem and I look ridiculous.

3. I’ll be heading back to Sioux Falls on Wednesday with my future sister-in-law to buy a wedding dress. Yippee! We will also be going to Target because you don’t need a reason to go to Target. I can’t tell you which I am more excited about…I love me some Target.

4. I went to Target on the day to end all days and bought a beach chair, almond butter, and Donut Shop K cups. I don’t remember how any of it got into my cart. I maybe didn’t even have a cart. It’s like I black out in Target. I got back out to the parking lot and realized I couldn’t remember the last hour. I call it the Target Vortex. About a half hour later I realized I have a $20 Target gift card that I forgot to spend due to the Vortex. Doh.

5. Target should pay me for the amount of times I’ve written Target in those post. That would be OK.

6. Target Target Target.

7. We got a trampoline.

When I was little and at my cousin’s graduation party, someone fell off the trampoline and broke her arm. My mom never let us get one after that.

Look at me now, Mom. Look at me now.

Fortunately for Mom, I had another cousin who terrorized me on the trampoline with his double bounces and egg cracking and other scary stunts. Due to this I am a trampoline wuss. I am scarred for life and only jump by myself or with Jeff’s three-year-old niece, who I actually have more in common with than you might think. We get along well.

(This cousin also introduced me to Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. I forgave him for the trampoline shenanigans around that time.)

8. I got a design gig today – my first in a while! I’ve been doing a lot of photography lately, which is great because it’s allowing me to get better at something I consider myself a novice at. Design is my first love though, so it’s going to feel good to get back at it!

9. I LEAVE ON VACATION ON SATURDAY. I am stoked about this. I’m not going to wear anything but a swimsuit for a solid week and I plan on tearing through a couple books, too. It’s possible a margarita will be had. Or two. (HA! TWO!)

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