A podcast about the personal side of business.

Take it Personally

Grow a successful brand photography business that fits into your life and fills you with joy.

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Increased revenue as you connect with more ideal clients.


Save time - no more wondering what to post or share.


Gain confidence and pride in your brand and online presence.


Better opportunities as you align your brand to serve at a higher level.

What you'll learn on the podcast:

Why I walked away from my biggest client


EverythinG I did before I quit my Job


How I deal with imposter Syndome


Charge your airpods. This is gonna be good.


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I’m a photographer who went from busting her butt working nights and weekends to running multiple six-figure business by showing up and getting personal. The best part? It's really freaking fun. I would love to teach you how to do the same.

Hi, I'm Maddie

about maddie

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- Sara

Maddie is a breath of fresh air and gulp of what you need! She is real, relatable and knows what she is talking about. If you are looking to 10x your business, what she offers here is just a tiny bit of what you can invest in her course.

Must listen!

- Brooke

Maddie is hitting on really relevant topics for business people. Hers is a perspective that everyone should hear, and it is clear that she loves what she does. Big fan here!

Great advice!

- Laycee

As a senior college student ready to take on the world, this podcast is SO inspiring. Maddie truly has a passion for her business and makes me want to jump start my creative passions!

100% inspired!

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