Katie is a commercial banker and business development officer and booked a branding session after moving to a new employer. She wanted imagery that would help establish her in a new role, and build her own personal brand–regardless of the company she worked for.

Katie Johnson, First International Bank & Trust

“I wanted to stand out from everyone else in my profession and show my personality through imagery. Since using my brand photos from Maddie, I have gotten more views and comments on my posts for Linkedin and social media, which has increased my traffic and connections. This is essential in a B2B business marketing plan!”

 - Katie Johnson, BANK MIDWEST

"These photos are blowing my mind! Maddie, you are magic!"

-LAUREN ANDERSON, Lolly's home kitchen

Thank you so much! These are awesome. I had photos taken three years ago and I struggled to find even two shots that I liked. I like all of these! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm recommending you all over the place!

 - LIsa Croston, CEntury21 PROLink

Client love:

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Maybe you’ve been using the same headshot forever, and that yearbook-style backdrop is really killing your vibe. Or maybe you wish your marketing looked less like posing for selfies and more like showing up intentionally, with photos that help move the needle in your business forward. Or maybe there’s just something missing from the way you build relationships with your clients online. You’re craving less fake and more Jim-to-your-Pam connections and inside jokes with your audience.

…and have way too much fun doing it?

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