For women who want to discover their magic and start showing up confidently in their business and life.

Hey, you.

Yes, You. You've got magic in you.

I can see your passion for what you do, and I know you're frustrated trying to figure out what comes next. Maybe you're side hustling, wishing you could take your day dream full time. Or maybe you've grown an amazing baby-business, and you're feeling pulled to take it to the next level. 

I've been right where you are. When I left my day job last year, I knew that if I jumped and did the big thing, something amazing would happen. I just didn't quite know how to make the jump.

The Mastermind I joined completely transformed my business. It was the biggest financial investment I have ever made, and it has paid for itself time and time again. I had goals of hitting $10k months by the end of 2019. Instead I accomplished that in January, and just kept growing. 

This year, I'm making more money than I've ever made. But even more than that, I feel like I am exactly where I need to be. I've discovered my magic, and I want you to have that, too.

What the heck is a Mastermind?

An accountability community supporting and propelling each other to new heights in business.

If you...

Want to build a brand that easily attracts dream clients

No longer want to be held back by what other people think

Have a desire to grow your confidence so you can show up as the expert you are

Need help discovering the magic within you so you can stand out

Desire to make more, work less, and stop feeling like you're always running to catch up

Want to find new ways to make money and avoid the dreaded slow seasons

That's me! I'm in!

"But what do I actually get?"

OK, I'm IN!





Facebook Group

Group Coaching

Private Coaching

You'll get immediate access to a private Facebook group that we'll use to ask questions, brainstorm, offer advice, and get to know each other. I'll be accessible every week, and so will your peers!

We'll meet via Zoom every other week for group calls. These calls will consist of hot seat coaching, Q+As, and workshops, all from the comfort of your own home. BYO yoga pants.

Every month, you'll get private office hours with me to talk through what's working and what's not. You'll get a questionnaire ahead of time so we get right to the heart of it.


Guest Experts

Show & Tell

Office hours upgrades

We'll bring three guest experts into the group to talk about specific topics, like social media ads, Pinterest growth, and website optimization.

We'll offer certain days and times for Mastermind members to go live in the Facebook group to practice live video, public speaking, and get feedback from your peers. 

During the six month mastermind, you'll have two chances to double your office hours time for a deep dive coaching session to get more focused help.

Sounds great!

How do I apply?


I can tell you from experience that a Mastermind is an investment that you can expect to return so much more into your business than what you originally paid. If you're ready to do the work, be coached, and support your peers along the way, I'd love to have you join us.

In case you're new here...

I'm Maddie Peschong, and I'll be your MP Mastermind coach. I'm a branding photographer and educator, and the host of Take It Personally Podcast. 

In 2018, I quit my day job and took my dream of business ownership full time. Since then I've doubled my income, expanded my revenue streams, sold out my first workshop, launched a podcast, grown my following, and partnered with big and small brands. 

My mission is to help women build amazing personal brands so they can attract dream clients. I truly hope you'll join us for this incredible six month mastermind experience.